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Healing Tao Instructors Association of the Americas - Newsletters
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Election ResultsSent on 27 July 2016
Happy New Year!Sent on 08 February 2016
Happy Solstice!Sent on 21 December 2015
Happy Thanksgiving! Promo continues!Sent on 26 November 2015
Newsletter Septemer 2015Sent on 17 September 2015
President Message 3-7-2015Sent on 07 March 2015
2015 HTIA Board CandidatesSent on 28 January 2015
HTIA Newsletter 12-9-2014Sent on 10 December 2014
HTIA Newsletter 11-20-2014Sent on 21 November 2014
HTIA Newsletter 10-30-2014Sent on 31 October 2014
New HTIA Website NewsletterSent on 21 October 2014

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